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FirewallServices & Support

Every device connected to the internet requires a firewall. Every device connected to the internet undergoes repeated attacks every hour from automated programs scanning the internet looking for vulnerable devices. Cyber criminals are constantly scanning the internet looking for soft targets for ransomware attacks or intrusions which can result in blackmail or data theft. It is essential that your IT infrastructure is firewalled off from the internet correctly in order protect your data from theft, ransom or destruction. We can audit your existing firewall setup, create a new setup or maintain your existing setup.

Our technicians are trained in:
  • Cisco Firewalls, Routers and Switches
  • Fortinet Firewall Setups
  • Shorewall and PFSense
  • Linux IPTables

We specialize in:
  • Protecting company networks from the general Internet
  • Secure site to site links
  • Enforcing lock down policies
  • Traffic monitoring
Firewall Services
Data Encryption Services


Data encryption is a consistently evolving and expanding field with in the IT sector. Every month new weaknesses are found in the essential libraries widely used with in the software that powers our OS, browsers and other essential software. Encryption software and libraries are consistently getting patched, upgraded or depreciated as exploits are being found and published. We keep track of all new vulnerabilities in order to keep our critical infrastructure up to date and offer the smallest attack vector against our services. We offer the latest expert advice when it comes to encryption and cryptographically secure hashing.

We offer:
  • Full disk encryption setup
  • Patching servers (Linux and Windows)
  • Monitor the security community and apply the latest best practices and algorithms
  • Complete SSL certificate service for Apache and Nginx setups
  • Patch old software to use new hashing algorithms
  • Encrypted VPN setups for your home or office


In today’s data driven world its essential that businesses utilize all the data they can collect in order to gain insights into their customers and business performance. This task can be difficult because older system do not collect all the data they can or if they do they cannot generate insightful reports. We can connect to existing databases and generate reports without interrupting your day to day tools that depend on the database. We can migrate databases and we have a SQL database performance specialist if you have database slowdowns, crashes or unexpected behaviour. Our team can also perform data recovery from corrupt databases or crashed servers.

Our expertise:
  • Analyse data to extract business and customer insights
  • Connect to existing databases to perform analytics
  • Create better collection techniques to get all the data you can
  • Make sense of the data you have and how it can benefit your business
  • Migrate databases between applications
  • Recover corrupted databases
  • Increase database performance
  • Database redundancy setup
  • Database backups
Database Services
Data Protection Services


In today’s high threat cyber environment its essential that businesses have a basic IT security policy in place backed up by competent IT support team. The most common threats striking small to large business and government entities is ransomware. Typically, ransomware is delivered via email where an unsuspecting employee will open an attachment which will unleash a criminal computer program that encrypts all your data and asks for large sums of money to decrypt that data. Another common scenario is when employees take company data home onto their unsecured system which has already been compromised.

Competent anti-virus software that’s updated daily can greatly reduce your risk profile to these common scenarios, we resell Bitdefender anti-virus to corporates and can deploy it on throughout your company. Periodic backups will ensure you have a copy of your data no matter what happens to your data.

We can secure your company networks while minimizing inconvenience to staff by deploying sensible security procedures and separating staff personal devices from company devices. By enabling encrypted secure remote access to company resources from a company laptop you can enable your staff to work from home or anywhere in the world while reducing the risk of data loss or theft.

What we can do for your company:
  • Secure encrypted VPN setups for your office
  • Lock down employee laptops
  • Enable secure remote access
  • Encrypted site to site links and networks
  • Bitdefender anti-virus software and licensing
  • Data encryption
  • Sophisticated firewall setups
  • Data protection policies and consultations